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Kimono Lash

Protein Remover/Primer (Rose)

$ 12.00


We offer the following 3 different types of protein removers:

ROSE -  Excellent at removing oils and impurities for clients with naturally oily lashes. 

Our protein remover also doubles as a primer to allow eyelash glue to dry quicker, reducing application time in half.  As every experienced Lash Technician knows, extensions can last up to a week longer with proper cleansing - leading to happier clients!


1.  Cleanses & Primes - Removes dirt & oil naturally, allowing for "instant" grab of extensions from natural lash               

 2.  Speeds Drying Time!!! -  No need for the use of Mist or Fans!

3.  Protects - Creates a Film that will protect the natural lash from damage.

COLLAGEN -  The perfect choice for removing oils and impurities for clients with naturally thin and fragile lashes.  This product is infused with collagen and nutrients, and will work towards revitalizing your client's natural eyelashes.  It also doubles as a primer to allow eyelash glue to dry quicker, reducing application time in half.   

HERB -  This protein remover is good for ALL types of eyelashes.  It will not only remove oil and impurities, but also double as a primer to reduce application time in half and allow extensions to last longer.


Use a pre-treatment solution to cleanse lashes. Next, apply Kimono Lash's Protein Remover onto a microswab and cleanse the lashes of oil, makeup, and other impurities.  Ingredients in our protein removers work with eyelash glue to allow the glue to instantly dry and set properly when applied to lashes, allowing for faster application time.

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