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Kimono Lash

"Universal" Mini Angled Tweezer

$ 20.00

Kimono Lash's "Universal" Mini Angled Tweezer is every Lash Artist's dream Lash Tweezers! This NEW All-In-One Tweezer is designed with a short, 45` Angle, eliminating "flimsy" and "unstable" grip.  It will allow you to capture the thinnest lashes with exact precision, increasing your speed in lashing techniques.  It is also perfect for ALL Volume techniques, 2D Volume Technique and Classic Lashes. 

Available In:  Gold Plated Finish; Violet Plasma Finish

Best used for:


Premade Volume Fans

ALL Volume Techniques

2D Volume Technique

Classic Technique

*ALL Kimono Lash Eyelash Extension Tweezers are quality controlled in accordance with Japanese Medical Devices License Under Health Ministry

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