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Eyelash Extension Tweezer

Kimono Lash

Eyelash Extension Tweezer

$ 15.00

These tweezers are used my real lash artists of Honolulu's premier Lash Salon, Lash Love. They are made out of stainless steel with excellent grip and it's excellent grabbing techniques are able to pick up the thinnest lashes. Every tweezer has been tested and approved for exact precision to make your lash game faster and easier.

**L Boot Tweezer: Every lash artists go to for the volume technique. This tweezer is made out of stainless steel with firm grip and is capable of picking up the thinnest lashes from .03-.07 diameter lashes, tested and approved. Techniques used: Volume & Mega Volume.

**J Tweezer: This tweezer is for artists who like to make extra wide fans when making volume and megavolume fans.

**Universal Angled Tweezer: Kimono Lash's most popular tweezer, this tweezer is proven to make your lash game faster. If you could have one tweezer for everything, this is it. It's been tested to pick up the thinnest lashes .03-.07 and excellent in every technique: Shimmy or non shimmy for fan making. Techniques used: Isolation, Classic, Volume & Megavolume.

**Mini Universal Angled Tweezer: Designed for the petite hand with exact precision, this tweezer is angled at 45 degrees just like its sister 'Universal Angled Tweezer' but a mini version. Techniques used: Volume & Megavolume

**Promade Grip Tweezer:  Designed to grab promade volume fans symmetrically and apply them perfectly on to the client's natural lashes

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