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About Us

With so many Eyelash Extension brands emerging in just the past 5 years alone, it is hard to distinguish between the great from the mediocre products.  But did you know that this thriving beauty industry originated in South Korea?  

Here is where we enter into the picture.  Here at "Kimono Lash", we have done all the research for you to bring you top-quality products straight from the manufacturers themselves in South Korea and Japan.  These products include, but are not limited to, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Adhesives, Protein Removers/Primers, Lash Glue Removers, and other Lash Essentials.  We are not merely retailers, but have actively worked as licensed salon professionals for years to be able to quickly recognize what Lash Artists need in order to excel in their trade.  

No more looking and researching past our website for some of the best Lash Products out on the market!  We began by bringing you hand-made volume fans to help you hone your craft, and now we are proud to offer you different varieties of luxurious mink lashes, including the highly coveted flat mink lashes!  

Remember, our Lash Experts work closely with the Lash Manufacturers and Adhesive Chemists and are always here to address your questions.  Se seriously, take your time, browse around!