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Kimono Lash

Stainless Steel Collection ( Straight & Angled)

$ 10.00 $ 15.00

Kimono Lash's Angled Tweezer are designed with a soft grip for comfort and ease in Lashing techniques.  It is also made of the highest quality stainless steel, designed to allow you to capture the thinnest lashes with exact precision.

Available In: 

"Universal" 45' Angle | All Volume techniques, 2D Volume technique, Classic technique, Isolation

"Volume Pro" 90' Angle | Speed Rolling Volume technique & Advanced Volume techniques, 2D Volume technique

"Classy Classique" Straight | Traditional Straight Tweezers used for Isolation and Classic technique

*ALL Kimono Lash Eyelash Extension Tweezers are quality controlled in accordance with Japanese Medical Devices License Under Health Ministry


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